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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 8, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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our staff thought that was rather excessive and changed the policy to limit them to one bar of soap. >> reporter: do you really need more than one bar of soap a week? commander michael richards says jail officials didn't think so and changed the policy. one inmate had apparently hoarded 40 bars in his cell. a mix of irish spring, ivory and bob barber soap made available to inmates for about a dollar. family members say inmates have to wash their clothes with it and now can't get them clean. officials say it might be more ominous than that. >> in the past, we found that soap has been used as weapons. they will put bars in socks and swing it at people they want to injure. additionally, there have been occasions where they will soap up the floor so that the deputies will slip and fall when they are responding to an emergency. >> reporter: so the inmates of k-pod, mostly members of the norteno street gang, stopped eating to get the jail to change its policies. >> we found the trash cans full of candy and cookie wrappers
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and other items they have been purchase on the jail commissary. >> reporter: no one is in any health danger, the commander says, and officials say they have no plans to change the policy. they are not sweating it. and here's what we're talking about. bob barker soap. the price is certainly right, it's 90 cents. but this is a different bob barker. this is pretty much institutional soap. they sell all over. it's only 90 cents, the cheapest of the three that them. the officials say you can put contraband in here. that's another reason that don't want so many bars of soap around. and they even trade apparently when new inmates come in they don't have any soap, they can get, i don't know, other things for this. but again, officials say the hunger strike won't affect their decision to limit inmates to one bar of soap. >> one bar a we have been. thank you, mike sugerman. muni riders, we have learned that some bus drivers and train operators are planning a sickout that could screw things up for a transit system that can be a pain on a good day.
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phil matier has the evidence in hand. phil. >> reporter: that's right, allen. we are talking about flyers that have begun popping up at muni yards like this one here at fisherman's wharf and they have muni officials downtown worried. >> if it does happen, we'll be ready. >> reporter: that was muni spokesman paul rose reacting to anonymous flyers calling for a four-day sickout of muni drivers begin september 14. >> i heard about it, yeah. it's a lot of unfair things going on that people don't realize. we can't really say anything. >> reporter: the drivers union quickly issued their own flyer saying the sickout was in no way sanctioned by the union. but union officials concede that mta's move to turn of sick leave policies and overtime for drivers on shift layovers and charge drivers $80 a month for parking at bus yards has angered many at the yards. >> the mta has basically violated our contract. they just steamrolling right over everything that we have in
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our contract. >> reporter: and in a city charter amendment going before voters in november to end the guarantee that muni drivers be the second best paid in the nation, and you definitely have temperatures on the rise. >> if your pay is taken back, do you feel? >> things may be tense but our operators understand the importance of our system to the city and we believe they are going to do the right thing. >> reporter: so this sickout for real or just some drivers blowing off steam? >> there is no sickout. >> reporter: who told you that? >> you guys believe in that, you believe in the tooth fairy. >> bunch of lies. stuff planted by management because they always want to project a negative image on us anyway. >> reporter: are you going to call in extra drivers on these days? >> we're still developing our plans for what is going to happen if it does happen. >> reporter: there was also word that the annual cable car bell ringing contest which usually is held in the summer was put on hold this year over fears that operators might boycott it, as well. >> our cable car was up in the state fair in sacramento for a few weeks and that accounted
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for part of the delay. with you but we're moving forward with september 28 at noon in union square for the bell ringing contest. >> reporter: did you ever hear of anybody threatening to boycott the bell ringing contest because they are mad at muni? >> i have her rumors. that might be what it is, just a rumor. >> reporter: that's what this is now a rumor. it wouldn't the first time muni has had labor troubles resulting in slowdowns. it wouldn't be the first bus system in the bay area -- remember, a.c. transit had a bit of blue flu a little while ago. right now they are planning for the worst, hoping for the best. and i suggest that the riders do the same. allen? >> just think commuters better make a plan. thank you, phil matier. breaking news from oakland. chopper 5 is now over macarthur and grand avenues right near 580. look at this scene. what a mess. this is where a dump truck has crashed into several cars. we are told between 10 and 12. there is the dump truck right
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there in the back, just accordioned these cars one into another. the initial reports that we have gotten from highway patrol says the dump truck lost its brakes. so without brakes it went out of control. it crashed into these cars. again, this is macarthur near grand. and we can now see the police are there, we are told ambulances are there. however, we don't know if anyone is seriously hurt in all of this. but you can tell just by looking at the scene, 10 to 12 cars here that are affected. certainly somebody is hurt. we can see firefighters there trying to get the doors of that one -- looks like an suv -- open and get people out of there. because of all of this, we are told the grand avenue off-ramp, 580, is closed. so it's closed tonight. this is mcarthur and grand avenue right near the interstate as firefighters work to to get someone out of that one vehicle but about 10 to 12 cars involved when this dump
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truck lost its brakes and went out of control. so we'll keep an eye on this. oakland macarthur and grand tonight. the battle over state worker furloughs went to the california supreme court today. attorneys for the governor and the union workers delivered their arguments in san francisco. so the court is going to decide whether the governor has the authority to furlough more than 200,000 state workers to save money. there are three furlough days each month amounting to a 14% pay cut for each employee. >> the governor's authority to furlough state employees stems from his implied and inherent powers as the chief executive officer of the state of california. >> we think the governor violated state law and the labor contracts when he unilaterally imposed unpaid furloughs on state employees just took money out of their checks and locked them out. we think that violates the law and the contracts. >> the governor issued his first furlough order in
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february 2009. the supreme court is going to rule within 90 days, it says. but until then, those furloughs will continue. the governor was in santa clara today touring marvel semiconductor. got a briefing on that company's smart electronic initiative which promotes technology which makes the consumer electronics industry more ecofriendly. the governor least for asia tomorrow to visit the company's shanghai facility, part of a week-long trade mission to china, japan and south korea. a senior adviser to senator barbara boxer has resigned. this is after u.s. capitol police say he was trying to carry marijuana into a senate building. politico reports that marcus stanley was going through security at the hart office building in washington yesterday when an officer saw him allegedly trying to conceal a green leafy substance which turned out to be pot. substantially appears in court tomorrow. near san ramon this morning investigators busted a big marijuana growing operation in
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a remote area in the wilderness. almost 2,000 pot plants were found. one man was arrested, another got away. it was elaborate and well hidden. >> the terrain was extremely rugged for the officers to get there. they had to hike in on foot. it took them about an hour. >> it's worth about a quarter million dollars. it's possible the operation could be linked to a mexican drug cartel. a 200-pound caper in the south bay. the back alley exchange to deliver a statue back to its fightful owner. no money for bus but kids still have to get to class. the old school solution some bay area parents came up with. is google psychic? the new features that get you results even faster. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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over macarthur and grand avenue, near 580. a dump truck has a little different perspective on the oakland breaking news. chopper 5 over macarthur and grand near 580. that's a dump truck that lost its brakes and went out of control. if chopper 5 can pull out it will give us a better
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perspective because 580 is off screen right side there. but underneath 580 is where the ambulances are staged. emergency personnel is there. initial reports saying the driver lost control and ran into all of these cars, suvs, trucks. but we don't have any report of specific injuries as of yet. but we do see the ambulance is there. and we'll be keeping an eye on it with chopper 5 let you know what the latest s grand avenue off-ramp is definitely closed. but len ramirez the mystery over what happened isn't over. len. first it was there, gone, now a missing statue is back. len ramirez tells us the mystery over what happened is not over. len. >> reporter: that's right, still very much a mystery here in san jose. you know, even though this statue has been returned, only one person really knows what happened to it. and that person isn't saying. >> reporter: the mysterious disappearance of san jose's gisele statue was only partially solved when san jose attorney anthony pagas called police yesterday to report he was turning over the statue on
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behalf of a client. >> the individual realized that they were in possession of an item that was reported stolen. they contacted the attorney, who acted as a middleman and returned the item to the city of san jose. >> reporter: but police say the attorney is not saying who that client is. >> with attorney/client privilege, as a matter of law, we cannot force them to disclose who that person was who contacted him. >> reporter: the story began in june when gisele broke off the foundation in the courtyard of the montgomery theater. the statue was stored at the serving auditorium next door but was reported missing on august 25. it was one of a matching pair of sculptors created in 1978. the other statue is fine. even though the mystery of gisele's disappearance isn't solve, san jose officials are thrilled to once again have a matching pair. >> we are going to remount them, put them into the center of the performing arts where
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they really belong, because that's where the ballet company is. and we'll do something before our opening october 22nd, which we open with gisele this season. >> reporter: so gisele and gisele will be here at the center for the performing arts both the statue and the ballet. but allen, this mystery will hopefully be solved by opening night. whoever did take this is eligible for some serious felony charges. the city of san jose paid $16,000 for that statue when it was commissioned. so this does qualify as a felony. and that person, if they come forward, might get more lenient treatment from the district attorney if the case goes to court. >> we'll len thank you. budget troubles forced a school district to eliminate its bus service so parents came one a way to get kids to school safely. they are called walking school buses. parent-led groups that watch over the kids as they go to
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school in the cambrian school district. this morning city leaders and the mayor joined a group as it headed to an elementary school. the community has also been organizing carpools as well. same product, only cheaper, right? turns out not all generic brands are the same. which ones really taste just as good as the name brand. if you live in the statistics, i'd be dead already. >> she had chemotherapy and surgery but the cancer still spread. now there is hope. the experimental drug that's helping thousands of patients beat the odds. what a crazy day across the bay area weather-wise. temperatures 20 degrees below normal. and i actually fired up our live high-def doppler radar picking up sprinkles around fremont. the forecast, what's in store next for your thursday as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. crashed into several cars. the all right. let get you back to oakland.
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chopper 5 showing us exactly what is happening with the front of that dump truck. chp says at least 10 vehicles -- looks like the dutch truck lost its brakes and the driver went out of control. john ramos is there on the phone with us now. john, what have you been able to see and what's going on? >> reporter: i just got here a few minutes ago so i'm telling you what i see here. i counted 12 vehicles that are all at the end of this off- ramp from grand avenue, looks like i guess it would be the eastbound off-ramp off 580. it's near the grand lake theater. and this truck as you have seen the pictures, the car that took the worst of it looks like to be like a silver four-door honda, probably an accord or something. and it is about half the length that it was originally. it's literally buried under the front of this truck. >> john, let me just say,
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because we did see ambulances there, have you been able to tell whether they took anybody or they have gotten anybody out of that vehicle? >> reporter: well, there was three ambulances -- only one left now. there were three ambulances when i got out here. none of them appeared to take off with lights and sirens too much. so if they were serious injuries, they probably have been taken away already. i would say that another 12 people here that are kind of standing around talking to police. i'm assuming they are the occupants of the cars. the truck itself looks like the door of it says it's the bay area debris box service. one of those trucks that carries the kind of the roll- off construction debris you know -- >> the kind where they go to a construction site and come back later and pick it up? >> reporter: yeah, one of those big ones. it literally plowed into vehicles and they plowed into others. it's an unbelievable mess. they have apparently a lot of
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stuff that spilled on the roadway here as far as oil and flutes of all kinds and they have all kinds of absorbent stuff put down. it's an amazing mess to see -- must have been something to be in the middle of it. >> again, this is right off 580 and grand, and that off- ramp we are told is closed. >> reporter: yes, it is. it's closed. and i have been told it's backed up quite a ways because of that. >> all right. john ramos on the scene there in oakland. the grand avenue exit of 580 where that dump truck driver apparently lost his brakes and went out of control. so we'll try to get more information as far as injuries and the clean-up of all of that and how it's going to affect the evening commute in the east bay, get that to you in a few minutes. google says it fires the afterburners on the search engine. the company unveiled a new feature called instant search similar to the current suggestion feature that guesses what you're looking for as you type? the new instant search changes the results live as you continue to enter text. google says that will make searching even faster.
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>> it may take some getting used to for some people in that it's a big bet for them on, you know, the fact that they are changing something. some people don't like change. they may be freaked out. >> the new feature may save users a couple of seconds or more on each search. if you have an older web browser you may not have access to instant search. you know, it used to be that generic brands tasted generic and were cheaper. on the consumerwatch, sydnie kohara shows us the exception to the rule. >> reporter: they look alike and the packaging is similar. but these saltinees cost 15 cents less than the name brand. in an informal test, the safeway crackers came out on top. >> much better. >> reporter: consumer reports magazine says that's not
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unusual. the magazine tested 21 store brands against their name brand counterparts. national brands won 7 of the matchups. store brands won 3. the rest were a tie. >> i'm not surprised at all. >> reporter: "san francisco chronicle" food editor miriam morgan says many big companies that make name brands also more store brands. >> very often, it's the same -- it's either they make it and vary it maybe slightly or maybe not for a store brand. >> reporter: consumer reports says sara lee, reynolds, stonewall kitchen and mccormack all make store brands in addition to their own products. another finding: not all store brands are created equal. for example, safeway has several store lines. in addition to its organic o line, there is also safeway select, and the cheaper red line. consumer reports says some so- called second tier or value brands contain cheaper or artificial ingredients.
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>> there is a whole second level that's value oriented strictly value oriented, and the quality may not quite be there. >> reporter: for example, the second ingredient in these safeway select preserves is sugar. the second ingredient in the preserves from safeway's cheaper basic red line is high fructose corn syrup. so shop around and read labels. the bottom line? consumer reports says almost any store brand product is worth a try. sydnie kohara, cbs 5 consumerwatch. ,, name something truly awful. [ bell dings ] microwave pizza! awful! [ buzz! ] [ show announcer ] now there's red baron pizza by the slice. unbelievably good pizza from the microwave. red baron. bring home that pizzeria taste.
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we begin with your pinpoint forecast and this is downtown san jose. 66 degrees, west wind at 13. 50s an 60s across your microclimates and notice the winds gusting up to 29 miles an hour all associated with a cold front. we have rain showers now all associated with an area of low pressure system. satellites clearly shows. it we have been talking about it for days. it's now slicing through the bay area enhancing this marine layer. so while we have the cloud and the cold front, we also have a deepening marine layer. but wait. after tomorrow morning's sun- up, clouds scrub out sooner leaving sunny skies and warmer temperatures. tonight brisk with the winds upper 40s to the 50s.
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tomorrow's daytime highs, 50s at the coast, 60s bayside. low and mid-70s inland. outside number will be 76 to 77 degrees. otherwise, high pressure strengthens and as it does so, we have sunny skies and warmer conditions from friday, seasonal conditions through the weekend, and then we'll begin to gradually cool down by wednesday. it was a crazy weather day but we'll continue with more news right here after this. fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. you can't really love me.
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i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv. texting...blogging... all this technology,
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but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. last look from chopper 5, this is macarthur and grand avenue near 580 in oakland. the driver lost brakes and ran into the cars. no word on injuries, but ambulances have been there at the scene. most of them have gone. the 580 exit is closed. a memorial service held this morning in san francisco for long-time cbs 5 anchor dave
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mcelhatton. he died last month in southern california. friends and family gathered in pacific heights to remember mac. >> i know you are watching this... and i thank you for urgentle kindness and for that wicked sense of humor. i love you, dear friend. >> dave mcelhatton spent 50 years on the air in the bay area, 25 in radio then 25 on television here at kpix. he was 81 years old. i know a lot of you were tuning in wanting to see the story on the experimental cancer drug. i apologize we couldn't bring that to you tonight but we'll have it at 5:00 tomorrow right here on cbs 5. but now on to the cbs evening news. who is really to blame for the gulf oil spill? nearly fivnt


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